For sale by member: Trend Airshield

From Don Suiter:

“I have a 4 years old Trend Airshield that is in very good condition. New the package costs over $530.00  I’d like to get around $250 for it if possible.”


“The Airshield Pro Package deal includes: Trend Airshield Pro, Battery Cradle and one extra Battery. The extra battery can charge in the Battery Cradle while the Airshield Pro is in use. Includes Airshield, charger, 2 batteries, and Ear Defenders.”

“The Airshield Pro is a fully protected air circulating face shield that provides excellent face and head protection and provides a constant stream of filtered air. The maximum airflow is 7.6cfm with a faceshield impact protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. The unit is powered by a NIMH 8 hour battery and features an audible low battery warning sound. The battery is easily replaceable and takes 14 hours to charge with the included charger. The dual filters are 98% efficient and will remove particles down to 0.6 microns. The filters easily replaced when needed. The motor is located away from the forehead area for comfort and to reduce noise. The Airshield Pro weighs just 2.21 lbs.”

Comment on this post and we’ll help you get in touch with Don.


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